Jennifer Vartanov

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     Jennifer Vartanov, CHRO of Merchant Industry, LLC assists in running the day to day operations of her company along with her husband Leo Vartanov. They lend their expertise to many of New York’s notable and upstart-business owners who are in need of solutions to their business endeavors. Jennifer has helped in establishing several programs that assist small businesses in competing with larger scale companies. Jennifer has developed programs that enable the small business owner acquire the ability to procure the capital needed to oversee financial development of their business and enable businesses to secure the monetary means of handling any emergency financial implications that may occur during the lifetime of their business. Our resourceful programs provide options for the small business owner in which to move their business forward thus solidifying the backbone of the American economy which is small business itself. Jennifer believes that through their services, it should be possible to establish strong merchant-customer relationships which will strengthen the overall state of your business. Through secure and fast online transactions the inclination for repeated customer traffic to your business will become more prevalent, allowing the small business owner to enjoy continued support of healthy business transactions.

Jennifer Vartanov’s ability to help her fellow merchants spans beyond the point of Merchant Industry, LLC itself. With the recent wave of disasters that have plagued Haiti, Jennifer has assisted in providing much aid to the businesses and people in the wake of the disaster. Jennifer along with her husband Leo have spent a large portion of their resources in contributing much needed capital and supplies to the many businesses and people who have lost their assets and material goods. The team over at Merchant Industry, LLC have been developing a myriad of programs that will supply people affected by disasters with much needed relief and aid that will in turn help to resuscitate the economic stature of such countries.